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Mayoralty and Civic Ceremony Review

Meeting: 28/01/2016 - Democracy Committee (Item 33)

33 Report of the Head of Finance and Resources - Mayoralty and Civic Ceremony Review pdf icon PDF 99 KB

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Councillor Daley presented the report to the Committee and gave an outline of the review process.


Members thanked Poppy Collier for her work in supporting the review and producing the final report.


Councillors Mrs Joy and Mrs Gooch addressed the Committee as visiting Members.


The Committee discussed the extra funding needed to help make the Civic Ceremony a large, more stage managed event involving all sections of the community. It was agreed the request for £2,000 would not be enough to increase the size of the event, but would go some way towards helping.


The Committee heard that the Mayoralty Team were highly qualified and experienced in organising Mayoral events.


The suggested process for selection of the Mayor was explained further.




1.  That the findings of the Mayoralty and Civic Ceremony Working Group be noted.


2.  To recommend to Council that the amendments to the Protocol to guide Councillors when electing the Mayor/Appointing the Deputy Mayor and Order of Seniority of Councillors as set out in Appendix I to the report to the Democracy Committee on 28 January 2016 be agreed.


3.  That the amendments to the Protocol on Maidstone Mayoral Services at Appendix II be agreed.


4.  That the Democracy Committee support, produce a case for and recommend to the Policy and Resources Committee that an additional £2000 be added to the current budget for the Mayor Making civic event in order to develop the day into a larger event involving all communities of Maidstone.


Voting:  For – 7  Against – 0  Abstentions – 1