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Strategic Plan 2015-2020 (2016-17 Refresh)

Meeting: 17/02/2016 - Policy and Resources Committee (Item 162)

162 Report of the Head of Policy and Communications - Strategic Plan 2015-2020 (2016-17 Refresh) pdf icon PDF 112 KB

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The Committee considered the Council’s Strategic Plan which set out the Council’s priorities for the next four years.  The Strategic Plan was supported by and aligned to the Medium Term Financial Strategy.  The report included an update to the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 in the form of an action plan for 2016-17 and minor updates to the Strategic Plan. 


In response to questions the Committee heard that:


·  Devolution was mentioned in the Leader’s Foreword because it was nationally a high profile subject with Kent and local authorities considering the different options available.  Nothing had been agreed to date, however the matter was a strategic issue.


·  The meaning of devolution for Kent and Maidstone Borough Council was still being considered.  Discussions with Members would be arranged as soon as there was sufficient information to consider.


·  It was not believed that the inclusion of Heritage under the heading ‘Respecting the Character and Heritage of our Borough’ would generate any additional costs.  There was no provision in the Medium Term Financial Strategy and the Heritage, Culture and Leisure Committee would not have any additional budget to spend as a result of the inclusion.


·  Commercialisation was part of the robust Medium Term Financial Strategy.


·  Engagement with infrastructure providers regarding the Local Plan was reflected in the extensive communication processes in the Service Plan.


The Committee agreed that with the increasing importance of devolution it was necessary to include a separate section in the Strategic Plan highlighting its importance.  The wording would be agreed between the Chief Executive, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee.


Typographical grammatical errors to the report were noted and would be corrected.




1.  That a separate section highlighting the importance of devolution be included in the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 (2016-17 refresh) with the wording for the section agreed between the Chief Executive, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee


Voting:  For – 13  Against – 0  Abstentions - 1



2.  That the Strategic Plan 2015-2020, 2016-17 refresh and action plan, once all typographical and grammatical errors corrected, be approved for submission to Council for adoption.


Voting:   For – 14  Against – 0  Abstentions – 0