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Annual Review

Meeting: 16/01/2018 - Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment Museum Trust Committee (Item 35)

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Ms Victoria Barlow, the Museums Director, presented the Annual Review to the Committee.


Ms Barlow highlighted to the Committee that:


·  The Learning Team had run several workshops based on WW1 and WW2 and which related to the artefacts and history of the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment Museum Trust (QORWKRMT) throughout 2017. In total 338 school children engaged specifically with the collection and gallery in formal learning activities since January 2017.


·  There had been increased social media presence relating to QORWKRMT after suggestions from this Committee.


·  Several items from the collection, such as the Keys to Jerusalem, had been lent to the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem for a temporary exhibition. This had increased publicity of the QORWKRMT.


·  During 2017, 23 items had been donated, accessioned and added to the QORWKRMT collection. Highlights of the newly acquired items were:


o  A Christmas card;

o  Materials from Malta; and

o  A colour sergeant’s sash.


·  The Collections Development Panel, made up of representatives from across the Museum’s departments, met each quarter to assess and decide on items offered for donation. A more sustainable and strategic approach was being undertaken and as such a number of items offered to QORWKRMT were not accepted. This was primarily because the items were already duplicated or did not fit the collecting policy.


·  Café Culture sessions have increased in popularity and during 2017 a WW1/QORWKR themed session was run. This session included a talk by the regimental volunteer Mr Steve Finnis.


·  Mr Finnis continued to work on the QORWKRMT photographic collection. The information was in the process of being updated by staff and would be uploaded to Adlib (the new collections management system) by the end of 2018.


In response to questions from the Committee, Ms Barlow replied that:


·  She would speak to the Learning Team about inviting Veterans to attend sessions with schoolchildren.


·  Everything that had been donated to the QORWKRMT in 2017 had been archived.


·  Items that had been archived from the collection could be moved into the gallery if other items were placed back into the archives.


The Committee suggested that the collection in the gallery should be changed more frequently and that the profile of the collection be raised in order to attract more visitors and donations.


The Committee requested that an informal meeting be arranged at the Museum to assess whether to place a floor sticker around the collection box and to discuss the collection.


The Committee congratulated Officers on the success of the Café Culture initiative.


RESOLVED: That the annual report be noted.