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Draft Sports Facilities and Playing Pitch Strategies

Meeting: 10/07/2018 - Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee (Item 36)

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Mr Mark Egerton, Strategic Planning Manager, presented the Draft Sports Facilities and Playing Pitches Strategies to the Committee. It was noted that:


·  These Strategies, once agreed would form an evidence base for the local plan review.

·  The methodology followed to bring the evidence together to form these strategies had been developed by Sport England.

·  The sporting infrastructure outlined as required by the Borough could be funded through Section 106 contributions, Community Infrastructure Levy, Capital Budgets, private organisations or grant funding.

·  Sport England recognised that not all need could be met, and that although District Councils were responsible for Leisure Services this was a discretionary function and as such was a choice for each Council as to how much demand could be met.

·  The strategies should be referred to the Heritage Culture and Leisure (HCL) Committee for comment as although these documents were evidence for the Local Plan Review, HCL Committee was responsible for Sport and Leisure in the Borough.

·  Once this draft strategy had been approved by the Committee and comments made by HCL, a wider consultation was due to take place on the strategy.


Councillors Harper and Wilson spoke on this item as Visiting Members.


The Committee considered the strategies and made the following comments:


·  There were a number of factual inaccuracies in the document which ward members would be able to assist the strategy authors to correct.

·  It was not clear whether the Council’s Health and Wellbeing team had been involved in the writing of these strategies.

·  Concerns were raised about the cost of the list of potential infrastructure projects and upgrades, and it was suggested that some prioritisation should take place if the Borough Council was to commit to funding these projects.


In order to address the concerns raised about involvement by other Heads of Service, and ensuring Ward Members were engaged with to address any inaccuracies, Mr Egerton committed to ensuring all members and Heads of Service at the Council were made aware of the strategies.




1.  That the report is referred to Heritage, Culture and Leisure Committee for consideration, prior to reconsultation with key stakeholders.

2.  That the Draft Sports Facilities and Playing Pitch Strategies be referred to Policy and Resources Committee for its November meeting so that future capital budget allocations can be considered.


 Voting: Unanimous