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Policy and Resources Committee Risk Update

Meeting: 24/10/2018 - Policy and Resources Committee (Item 83)

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Mrs Alison Blake, Audit Manager, updated the Committee on its Corporate risks, along with work that had been undertaken by Mid Kent Audit that identified emerging future risks. Two of the main risks that had been identified as particularly severe were the risk of poor partner relations and increased housing pressures. Mrs Blake confirmed that once the new Strategic Plan had been agreed, the Corporate Risk Register was also scheduled to be reviewed.


The Committee made the following comments:


·  In terms of presentation of the risk registers, showing the inherent risk rating before the effect of planned or actual controls would provide greater clarity to the process of risk management.

·  Controls and assurance activity should be split out, but presented together.

·  Estates risks had not been specifically identified in the Committee’s risk register.

·  It should not be stated that risks within the red quadrant could be tolerated – as these were severe risks to the Council.


Mrs Blake informed the Committee that the risk management framework was due to be reviewed as it had been in place for three years. It was confirmed that Audit, Governance and Standards Committee would take a prominent role in this review but that all members were welcome to contribute. Mrs Blake confirmed that the comments made by the Committee would be considered as part of the review.


RESOLVED: That the Corporate risks (as set out in appendix 1) are noted.