Our Complaints Policy

If you are intending to make a complaint, please ensure you have read through our policy and procedures outlined below.

When can I complain?


You can complain if:

  • We have told you that something would be done, but it hasn’t been done or is taking too long
  • A member of our staff or someone working on our behalf has treated you unfairly
  • You have been told that you cannot have help or use a council service

If your complaint relates to a statutory process such as planning permission, the issuing of a penalty charge notice etc, there is an appeal process available, the complaint will not be dealt with under the Council’s complaints procedure.

How can I complain?


You can make a complaint in a number of ways. The easiest and quickest way is to use our online complaints form.

Make a complaint

Alternatively, you can use our

Maidstone House
King Street
ME15 6JQ

A manager will reply within 10 working days of receiving your complaint.

If you want, you can also get help from your local councillor or Member of Parliament or a specialist advice or representation organisation, such as Citizens Advice.

What if I am still not happy?


If you remain unhappy with your complaint having received a response you can escalate your complaint to a stage 2 complaint. Please email complaintsandfoi@maidstone.gov.uk including your reference number and the details of why you are still dissatisfied and the Head of Policy, Communications and Governance will conduct an independent investigation into your complaint.

You' will get a response within 20 working days. If you are still not happy, you can appeal to the local ombudsman.

What does the local ombudsman do?


They investigate complaints about most council matters including housing, planning, education and social services. It is an independent, impartial and free service. The ombudsmen can investigate complaints about how the council has done something. You can find out more by visiting their website.

Our complaint policies


Complaints Policy and remedies for justified complaints

Unreasonable and Unreasonably Persistent Contact policy

Customer Care policy

Customer care is important to everyone at Maidstone Borough Council and we are committed to providing excellent services to you. To make sure we are getting it right we will regularly ask you for your opinion about our services.