What this means

Valuing our differences and understanding how they can contribute to a better working environment and services that are fair and easy to access.

How we need to behave:
  • Value Differences

Examples of this include: Involve others when looking for solutions, don’t always go to the obvious people. Listen to others’ points of view and be open-minded if they differ to yours. Accept people have different attitudes and views but work together towards the common goal.

  • Question your own and others reactions and mind-set

Examples of this include: Challenge behaviour that you feel is unacceptable. Accept feedback on your own behaviour and actively seek to change it.

  • Be open to new ideas and concepts

Examples of this include: Be positive about change – look for opportunities and benefits arising from the change, not just the negative aspects. Be flexible enough to deliver services in a way that is appropriate to the needs of customer/client/colleague and council.

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