Guidance for Applicants

What is CIL?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge levied on the net increase in new floor space and new dwellings arising from development in order to fund infrastructure that is needed to support development in the Borough.

Neighbourhood CIL Funds

Maidstone Borough Council collects the levy from developments within the Maidstone area and part of that levy from developments within Wards will go towards local community projects in that area. Maidstone Borough Council spends on behalf of and in consultation with the community allocated to that local area

Applications for funding

If you or your community group wish to apply for Neighbourhood CIL funding for your project, please complete a Project Assessment Form and submit to Maidstone Council. This form can be found on our website. If appropriate amounts of funding have been collected, Maidstone Council may open up a bidding process.


Project Assessment form submissions should clearly show;

  • Evidence of need and support for the project. Has there been any local consultation whether by survey/ petition etc.
  • An identification of those who will benefit
  • Who will deliver the project
  • Can it commence in the next financial year
  • Are other approvals required for example does  land needs to be purchased, planning consent sought etc
  • Value for money, whether matched funding has been identified, the cost of the scheme etc
  • Any known future ongoing costs
  • The project should show a priority to the community or that it may have evolved as a direct consequence of the new development.


The Council will initially assess the applications to check they fall within the criteria and are deliverable.  These applications will then be consulted upon with the local community and should match the priorities expressed by the local community. Applicants will be notified once the consultation responses have been received and analysed.