Section 106s

Monitoring Fees

There is a need to use resource to monitor Section 106 (s106) legal agreements in order to ensure that monies are spent on the delivery of the necessary infrastructure. Therefore the following monitoring fees apply:

1. For all non- residential development and for residential developments of under 40 units, the monitoring fee for s106 legal agreements with one planning obligation (for example, the provision of affordable housing) is £1000 and then £500 for each additional planning obligation.

2. For residential development of 40 or more units, there will be a fee of £1500 for a s106 agreement incorporating one obligation and £750 for each additional planning obligation.

Payment shall be made in full at the time of the completion of the s106 legal agreement.

Specimen Draft Section 106 (S106) Agreement

Working with Mid Kent Legal Services we've created a draft S106 agreement. It shouldn't be used as a template - it should give you an idea about the type of comments you might want to make, when drafting the agreement for your site.

Change or Discharge a Planning Obligation

You can apply to change or discharge a planning obligation by downloading and completing our application form. For guidance on completing your application visit the Planning Guidance website.

When you've finished email us.

Affordable Housing and Section 106's

You can find out more information for developers on local affordable housing providers on our Housing for Businesses pages.

Section 106 pro forma

Download our Section 106 pro forma form.