Submit a research request

If you would like to receive confirmation from the Local Authority on a Section 106 Agreement, Enforcement Notice or conditions that have been discharged on planning applications you will need to do this through a research request.

These requests will take up to 10 working days before a response is received and a fee is payable for this service. Please be advised that each request will require a separate fee.

Compliance of Section 106 Agreements

We will need to know that date of the agreement and the application reference it refers to. This request will need to be accompanied by a fee of £116.00.

Enforcement Notices

We will need to know the reference of the Enforcement Notice that you require confirmation from. Please note this service £100.00

Compliance of Planning Conditions

We will need to know the planning application reference number. If the application was classed as a householder the fee will be £34.00 for all other applications the fee will be £116.00.

To request this information you will need to email the Planning Support Technical team.