Guidance on Hedges


You'll find guidance on the GOV.UK website.

It's an offence to remove or allow another person to remove a hedgerow without telling us. If you remove a hedgerow without permission, you may get an unlimited fine. You may also have to plant another hedgerow.

To remove part of a protected hedgerow you need to give us six weeks’ notice. You can do this by completing our application form. There's no fee for submitting the form.

If a countryside hedgerow is being destroyed without permission, report it by using our online form. If you think someone has committed a crime relating to nesting wild birds or bats, you should ask for a wildlife crime officer to investigate by contacting Kent Police on 01622 690690.

High Hedges

There's no law restricting the height of a hedge, but if you disagree with your neighbour over the height of a hedge, there's advice on the GOV.UK website

Failing that you can make a complaint to us as a last resort. You can do this by downloading and returning our complaint form. There's a non-refundable charge of £510 for investigating a hedge complaint but a particular result isn't guaranteed.