Dog control PSPO

A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is an order which can be used to impose conditions to control certain activities in a specified area if two conditions are met:

  • that the activities have had, or are likely to have, a detrimental effect to the local community's quality of life
  • that the effect is, or is likely to be, persistent and continuing nature and is or is likely to be such as to make those activities unreasonable and that restrictions are justified.

They are enforced by our authorised officers, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and police officers. Each PSPO is reviewed every three years.


The PSPO for dog control allows us to extend our powers and encourage responsible dog ownership. The requirements are:

Remove dog poo from land

Persons in charge of a dog must ensure they pick up after them. If asked by an authorised person, they must show they have means to pick up and  dispose of the waste appropriately.

Exclusion of dogs from play areas and tennis courts

Dogs are not allowed in specified areas where slides, swings and/or other climbing/ play equipment is located including tennis courts we own.

Keep dogs on a lead within the grounds of the town centre, cemetery and crematorium

It is an offence not to keep your dog on a lead in the town centre, Vinters Park Crematorium and the Sutton Road Cemetery, including associated grounds.

Dogs on leads

It is an offence not to put your dog on a lead when requested by an authorised office for example a council or police officer.

Keep dogs under proper control

It is an offence to allow a dog to wander/roam loose/exercise without a person accompanying it or not to keep a dog under proper control at any time.

Maps of the areas covered by the PSPO can be found using our interactive map. A full copy of the sealed PSPO can be found on our PSPO page.

Maximum number of dogs to be walked at any time

A person must not walk more than four dogs at any one time.

A person registered as part of a licenced boarding activity or Maidstone Borough Council’s professional dog walking scheme, may walk up to a maximum of six dogs.

Fixed penalties

Offences for breaching the PSPO carry a fixed penalty of £100 or £100 reduced to £80 if paid within 14 days for not keeping the dog under proper control.

You must make sure that the details entered on the payment form match the details written on the fixed penalty notice.

Make a payment

If we do not receive a payment, matters will be prosecuted and you may be liable to a higher fine and costs.

If you cannot make the payment in full, you can contact the Community Protection Team on 01622 602301 to explain your circumstances and to discuss the possibility of an extension of time. FPNs cannot be paid in instalments.


There is no statutory right of appeal. This is because a FPN is an invitation for you to discharge prosecution through payment rather than being taken to court. This means that whilst this is not an admission of guilt, you agree that an offence has been committed and that by paying the sum of money specified no further action will be undertaken.

You may make an informal written representation to us within 10 days of the issue date on the notice if you feel the ticket was issued incorrectly. You can make your representation by email to or by letter:

Community Protection
Maidstone Borough Council
Maidstone House
King Street
ME15 6JQ