Safer Streets

The Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott, bid for funding as part of the Home Office Safer Streets Initiative. This is the 3rd Safer Streets project to be held in Kent and the PCCs Office will now receive just over £1.4 million to improve parts of Canterbury, Gravesham, Maidstone and areas around Chatham and Rochester in Medway.


  • to install a sense of safety in the town centre through active community engagement
  • by working together with our partners we are making Maidstone a safe place to be
  • to remove the fear and negative perception around spending time in the town centre
  • to increase messaging that safety starts with all of us and to look out for and take care of each other
  • to encourage changing the behaviours of people who install fear and are responsible for antisocial behaviour


Maidstone will receive £565,877 for safety improvements around the town centre and Brenchley Gardens district. This will include more outreach workers, self-defence classes for women and an expansion of the Best Bar None scheme for licensed premises, which promotes good practice and improved customer safety.

The money will also be spent on things like improvements to CCTV in the town centre, body worn cameras, community engagement events, enhancing the look and feel of Maidstone. As well as providing personal attack alarms for some young women and girls. It will also be used to remove graffiti and clean up litter as well and hosting community crime prevention events.

We are working in partnership with others to make Maidstone safe