Conditions of hire for the market hall

  • Payment must be received by the finance department not later than the date given by the market manager to grant the hiring, and if the payment has not been received the booking may be cancelled. All payments shall be made by BACS (bankers automated clearing system), made payable to:

    Lloyds Bank Plc
    City Office Branch
    Account Name: Maidstone Borough Council
    Sort Code:           30-00-02
    Account No:       00574428

    Please include invoice number or brief description of event
  • The person requesting hire of the market hall (hereinafter called “the hirer”) must be at least 18 years of age and shall complete and sign the form of agreement.
  • Following the signing of the agreement the hirer shall be liable for payment of the charges whether they actually use the market hall.
  • The hirer shall be solely responsible for the booking and shall not sub-let any interest.
  • The hirer and all persons admitted into the market hall (hereinafter collectively called “the premises”) shall use the hall in a proper and orderly manner. The hirer will be held responsible for the good order and conduct of all persons admitted during the time of the let and shall see that the premises is vacated at the end of the letting. The hirer shall be responsible for applying for the relevant licences from our licensing department and should abide by the conditions outlined for those licences.
  • Officers and servants and all persons authorised by us shall have free access to all parts of the market hall during the let.
  • It is the responsibility of the hall hirer to appoint fire marshals for the full time of the hire period. The fire marshal shall use the fire safety guide for hiring groups as a guide for the appointed fire marshal.
  • If the premises are used for any purpose other than what was originally agreed upon or if there is any unruly conduct or conduct contrary to public decency, the manager shall have the right to put a stop to the entertainment or proceedings and clear the market hall. In such cases no refund will be made.
  • No nail, screw or fastening shall be driven into or attached to any wall, woodwork or fixtures of the premises. Should any damage be done to the premises’ furniture or fittings during any hiring, the expense of making good the same shall be paid by the hirer to us. Any sums payable under this clause shall be payable within 7 days of the manager invoicing the hirer.
  • No platform, fittings, paraffin heaters, electric light fittings, scenery, decorations or mechanically propelled       vehicles of any description shall be brought into the premises without the consent of the manager. No poster or notices may be posted inside or outside of the premises without agreement. The hirer shall not interfere with or permit any other person to interfere with gas, water or electric fittings.
  • The hirer shall be liable for any injury or loss caused to persons or property which may happen as the result of the negligence of themselves of any person employed by them and shall indemnify us against any claims, costs and expenses in consequence of any injury.
  • The hirer must have an accident book to record any accidents that may happen in the hall during the period of hire and make this available on request by the market manager or their staff.
  • The hirer shall remove from the premises all items brought into the premises during the hall hire and shall leave the premises swept, clean and tidy. The tables should be stacked neatly against the wall and any chairs returned to the area outside of the chair store.
  • The hirer shall manage and conduct the market hall at all times so that our reputation is not damaged and they shall not allow any act which may imperil any licence granted or any insurance effected in respect of the market hall.
  • The hirer shall provide an adequate number of staff for the efficient supervision of the accommodation to ensure safety and order in the market hall.
  • Alcohol shall not be sold or consumed in the market hall except where the hirer has obtained the relevant licence from our licensing department.
  • Refreshment shall only be supplied by the market cafĂ© concessionaire with his permission. His name is Ali Aluntop and you can contact him by email or by phone 07961137625.
  • As the premises or parts thereof are occasionally let for the same night to different tenants, we are not responsible for any inconvenience that may be caused.