Exceptional Hardship Payments

Exceptional Hardship Payments (EHP) are there to help residents who are getting Council Tax support and are facing exceptional hardship. Where the support we are already providing does not meet the full Council Tax amount. We are only able to award EHP where you have arrears in the current financial year.

Before you apply

We look at things like:

  • your total income
  • your expenses
  • if you have any savings
  • if there is anyone else in the house that can help
  • if you have any loans or debts
  • if you or your family have any special circumstances, for example disability
  • if you have any other properties

What you'll need

Before you apply you will need to know:

  • what money you have going out
  • what money you have coming in
  • what benefits you may be receiving
  • your National Insurance number
  • details about your bank accounts and any savings
  • copies of your last two months bank statements

Apply for an Exceptional Hardship Payment