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Variations to animal licences


There are four types of variation to licences:

  • minor
  • major
  • equine - schedule of horses
  • arranger’s licence for home boarding of dogs


Minor variations to a licence are for primarily paperwork-based alterations such as adjusting the numbers of animals listed on licences or adjusting the name on the licence following marriage or divorce for example.

Where a name change is requested, you will be asked to provide proof of the name change, for example a marriage certificate, Deed Poll certificate or Decree Absolute. The cost of variations includes the officer time involved and the production of a new certificate.


Major variations to a licence include circumstances such as a premises expanding and the operator wishes to increase the numbers, breeds/species of animals on a licence. These types of amendments will require a visit from the inspector and time to review amended procedures and records.

Other major variations include changes to facilities or accommodation for the animals will require floor plans including dimensions of the accommodation. These plans should also include details of the materials used in the fabrication and construction of the accommodation.

Equine - schedule of horses

The conditions of a hiring out horses requires the licence holder to only use the horses listed on the licence schedule for the activity. If a horse is not listed on the licence, it cannot be used as your insurance will not be valid and you will be in clear breach of your licence.

The schedule should be amended if a horse is withdrawn from work by a vet, a horse has died, where a horse is returning to work after a period of rest/ recovery or where a new horse is being used for the activity.

To request a variation to the schedule of horses, please include the following:

  • Royal College Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) statement of fitness to return to work form which should be completed and signed by your vet (where a horse is returning to work following rest or recovery)
  • RCVS withdrawal of horses form which should be completed and signed by your vet (where a horse has died, is ill or injured)
  • RCVS new horse form which should be completed and signed by your vet to declare the horse fit for the activity/work they will be undertaking

We will also need the following details about the horse:

  • name
  • colour
  • height
  • sex
  • age
  • passport number
  • microchip number
  • purpose for which horse is kept
  • age range of people who ride this horse
  • maximum rider weight

Arranger’s licence for home boarding of dogs

Arrangers for the home boarding of dogs which operate under a franchise must register each of their hosts with the local authority and the number of hosts must be listed on the arranger’s licence.

There is a host fee payable for each host who will be caring for dogs under the franchise name and the licence should reflect all current hosts who are permitted to board dogs and hosts who no longer care for dogs under the franchise should be removed.

To make a variation to an arranger's licence, you will need to complete the variation of licence form provide the following:

  • site plan and floor plan of host premises
  • written procedures for the host you are registering. These will be unique to the host based upon the layout of the premises, storage of equipment etc.
  • details of the records each host will hold
  • details of how many dogs will be boarded, will they be from one household or multiple households
  • contact details for emergency keyholders for hosts
  • emergency veterinary provider including a letter from the veterinary practice to confirm the services they provide to the host

A short visit will be made by an inspector to the host premises to meet the host and ensure the premises is safe for the boarding of dogs. The cost of variations to a licence includes the officer time involved in processing the request and the production of a new licence certificate.

If you are unsure about the type of variation you need to apply for, please email us and an officer will contact you within 10 working days.

What happens next

Once we receive your application we will contact you within 10 working days. The officer contacting you will explain the next steps depending upon the variation you’re applying for.

Licence fees

Type of feeCost
Minor £65
Major £130
Equine - schedule of horses £50
New host £190