Street Trading

Before you apply

If you trade in the street you need to have a licence. To be eligible to trade you need to be at least 17 years old and know where you want to trade, which days and times you want to work and what you want to sell. We will not be able to grant consent if:

  • There isn’t enough space in the street where you wish to trade
  • You are unsuitable to hold a licence due to any relevant previous convictions

The licensing of street trading is regulated under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.

You should also take a look at our Street Trading Licensing Policy.

Applying for a street trading licence

You need to apply online on the website, pay a fee of £385 and include two photos of yourself and a street plan of the area where you want to set up your pitch.

Apply for a street trading licence

How long does it take?

It will take 90 days for your application to be processed. When consent is granted, you must keep your licence on you whenever you are trading.

Renew my licence

You need to renew your licence every year and pay the same fee as a new application. You can renew your licence online on the website.

Renew a licence

Make changes to my licence

You must tell us if your details change such as your name, address or if there are changes to your trading hours. You can apply online on the GOV.UK website and there is no fee. If you want to change the space you're trading on you will need to make a new application. You can do this online on the website and will need to pay the right fee.

Change my licence


Up to 12 trading days £32
Up to 30 trading days £69
Up to 90 trading days £189
Full years consent £405