Environmental permits


You may need to apply for an environmental permit if you run an industrial process that pollutes the environment.

It is against the law to not hold an environmental permit if your process falls under the Environmental Permitting regulations. You could receive a fine of up to £50,000 or a prison sentence if you do not have one. We regularly check industrial processes to make sure they have a permit and are compliant with the law.

Types of permit

There are three categories of permit – Part A (1), Part A (2) and Part B detailed in the Environmental Permitting Regulations (2010).

Part A1 Permits

Sites which are likely to have a greater environmental impact to land, water and air will fall under this category of permit. You will need to apply for these permits through the Environment Agency.

Part A2 Permits

Medium sized sites which may have a large environmental impact to land, water and air will fall under this permit category. You need to apply for these through us.

Part B Permits

Smaller sites which may give rise to emissions to air may fall under this category of permit. This includes process like; vehicle re-sprayers, dry cleaners and petrol service stations. You need to apply for these through us.

To find out which permit you fall under check the Environmental Permitting Regulations.


We hold a register of the processes that have environmental permits, if you would like to view the register email: EPTeam@midkent.gov.uk or call us 01622 602205.

Apply for a permit

Before you apply you need to check which permit you need. For permits that fall under part A (2) and part B of the environment permitting regulations you will need to apply to us. For Part A (1) permits you need to apply to the Environment Agency.

You need to complete the correct application form below and email it to EHAdmin@midkent.gov.uk.

You will also need to pay the correct fee. To pay call 01622 602888.

Application Forms

Environmental Permits Register

You can find our register on our webpage.