Councillor Allowances

Councillor allowances

The basic allowance for all members is £5,065.00 each year.

Special responsibility

Cost Yearly Allowance
Mayor £2,601.42
Deputy Mayor £1,040.66
Leader/Chairman of Policy and Resources Committee £19,610.52
Chairman of Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transport Committee (40% of Leader's Allowance) £7,843.80
Chairman of Communities, Housing and Environment Committee (40% of Leader's Allowance) £7,843.80
Chairman of Heritage, Culture and Leisure Committee (40% of Leader's Allowance) £7,843.80
Chairman of Planning Committee (40% of Leader's allowance) £7,843.80
Chairman of Licensing Committee (20% of Leader's Allowance) £3,921.90
Chairman of Audit, Governance, Standards Committee (20% of Leader's Allowance) £3,921.90
Group Leader £394.74 per member
Independent Person £735.42
Co-opted Members Audit, Governance and Standards Committee £344.40
Chair of Licensing Panel Hearing £80.12 per day
Licensing Panel Hearing Members £60.35 per day

Travel and subsistence

Travel and subsistence allowances are payable under the Members’ Allowance Scheme:

Cars and Vans - 45p per mile
Motorcycles - 24p per mile
Bicycles - 20p per mile
Plus 5p per mile per passenger carried

Councillors and Co-opted Members are entitled to claim a subsistence allowance when, in attending meetings which relate to functions of the Council, they are kept away from their normal place of residence for significant periods of time at certain times of day. Subsistence will only be paid upon the production of a receipt for the purchase of a required meal.

If Councillors or Co-opted Members are attending a meeting or function where a meal is provided for them they are not entitled to claim a subsistence allowance.

We have to publish a summary of the members’ allowances at the end of each financial year.

View the full copy of the Members Allowance Scheme.