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You are hereby summoned to attend an extraordinary meeting of the





Date:†††††† Wednesday 17 July 2019

Time:††††† 7.30 p.m. or at the conclusion of the ordinary meeting of the Council, whichever is the later

Venue:††† Town Hall, High Street, Maidstone



Councillors †† Adkinson, Bartlett, Mrs Blackmore, Brice, Brindle, D Burton, M Burton, Chappell-Tay, Clark, Cox, Cuming, Daley, English, Eves, Fermor, Fissenden, Fort, Garland, Garten, Mrs Gooch, Mrs Grigg, Harper, Harvey, Harwood, Hastie, Hinder, Mrs Hinder, Joy, Khadka, Kimmance, Lewins, McKay, McLoughlin, Mortimer, Munford, Naghi, Newton, Parfitt-Reid, Perry, Powell, Purle, Mrs Ring (Mayor), Mrs Robertson, D Rose, M Rose, Round, J Sams, T Sams, Spooner, Springett, Vizzard, Webb, de Wiggondene-Sheppard, Wilby and Young







1.        Apologies for Absence




2.        Dispensations (if any)




3.        Disclosures by Members and Officers




4.        Disclosures of Lobbying




5.        To consider whether any items should be taken in private because of the possible disclosure of exempt information.




6.        Petitions




7.        Question and Answer Session for Members of the Public




8.        Questions from Members of the Council to the Chairmen of Committees







9.        Notice of the following motion has been given by Councillor Mrs Gooch, seconded by Councillor Cox:



Appointment of Honorary Alderman


Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972 states that a Council may confer the title of Honorary Alderman on any person who, in the opinion of the Council, has rendered eminent services to the Council as a past Member of that Council, but who is no longer a Member of the Council.† It brings no special rights, but is intended to reflect the esteem of the Council and of the wider community.† Maidstone Borough Council adopted a Protocol for such an appointment in September 2018 and it is now included in our Constitution.† It is proposed that Mrs Fran Wilson should receive such an honour.


Fran was a Member for High Street Ward for nearly 22 years; leader of the Liberal Democrat Group from 2007 to 2018; Leader of the Council twice: firstly in 2007/8 and again from 2015 to 2018 before stepping down from the Council in May 2019.† During that time she had served on every Committee, many as Chairman.


Hard working, determined, very thorough, hugely experienced, a consummate politician and a great strategic thinker, Franís contribution has been immense from start to finish: environmental issues were one of her greatest concerns.† She oversaw the Councilís change of governance from the Cabinet system to the Committee System, and during her last months as a Councillor she successfully led an in-depth review of that Committee system.†


She saw the significance of having a Local Plan in place and in the face of considerable opposition, her strength and determination helped to drive the Local Plan through to the public examination stage.


It is highly appropriate that the first person, upon whom this Council bestows the title of Honorary Alderman, should be Mrs Fran Wilson.


I therefore propose that in pursuance of Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972, this Council confers the title of Honorary Alderman upon Mrs Fran Wilson in recognition and acknowledgement of her eminent services rendered to the Council.













Public Speaking and Alternative Formats

If you require this information in an alternative format please contact us, call 01622 602899 or email


In order to speak at this meeting, please contact Democratic Services using the contact details above, by 5 p.m. one clear working day before the meeting (i.e. Monday 15 July 2019). If asking a question, you will need to provide the full text in writing. Questions must relate to a matter to be discussed at the meeting. If making a statement, you will need to tell us which agenda item you wish to speak on. Please note that slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


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