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Item 18,  Pages 99-107


Ref: 18/500229/REM




5 Tonbridge Road




·         The agent has now submitted the drawings and information required by suggested condition 1. These are considered to satisfactorily show adequate privacy to neigbouring gardens subject to the relevant dwellings being built at the finished floor levels indicated and the addition of 300mm high trellis/panel to a boundary fence adjacent 16 Rowland Close.


·         Since the committee report was published, the agent has amended the proposed external materials to one brick colour (buff/ yellow) throughout rather than a main brick with a contrast texture/colour for recessed panels. This will be considered in the determination of the related application to discharge conditions which is still pending consideration (18/500262/SUB).


·         Conditions 1 and 3 be amended:

1          Terraces 2 and 5 shall be constructed in accordance with the levels details in drawings 4213 PL 1221 rev B and 4213 PL1251 rev A as hereby approved including the  proposed mitigation measures to boundary fencing which shall be implemented as approved and retained thereafter.

Reason: To safeguard neighbouring residential amenity.

3          Additional approved drawings be added:

20 April 2018               4213 PL 1221 rev B    Proposed Site Section Terrace 2

20 April 2018               4213 PL1251 rev A     Proposed Site Section Terrace 5


Recommendation remains unchanged.