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Item 17, Page 60         3 Tonbridge Road



ME16 8RL


Ref: 18/500160/FULL


KCC (Drainage): We did have a pre-application discussion with the consultant for the original site so it may be that a drainage strategy is available that may be applicable if the revised proposal only changes in height and internal layouts. There is very little space in which to accommodate surface water attenuation and given this is a full application, unfortunately we cannot recommend the application be determined until a surface water drainage strategy has been provided for review.


Environment Agency: No comments


Additional Information: A Surface Water Drainage Scheme has been submitted which details use of Permavoid units under the access road with channel drains and a restricted discharger to the sewer. The scheme includes calculations for Climate Change Modelling.



It is understood that the above drainage details arose from past discussion between the applicant’s consultants and KCC (drainage). Any formal views of the consultee will be reported verbally. The condition on surface water drainage in the agenda report will be retained as the details are still needed in addition to the overall strategy.



Recommendation remains unchanged