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Urgent Update – 18/5102287/REM – Tovil Quarry site – Item 21 Adjourned meeting

Landscape Officer: I note the trees have now been labelled as requested.  However, there appears to be no detailed landscape specification for the new play area. Suggest additional condition.

Parks & Open Spaces Officer: Further comments: The seating in both play areas is made from recycled plastic which is fairly robust. Neither play area shows any litter bins.

Central play area: The equipment is all static and suitable for primary school age children; there does not appear to be any provision for toddlers. The stepping logs and boulders give similar play experiences – balancing/climbing. There are two play surfaces but no details about what that refers to – colours, textures? There is a lot of paving in the scheme but this could provide an off-road area for younger children to cycle and scoot. The trees provide interest throughout the year and although they do produce fruit they are mostly within planting beds so shouldn’t cause too much of a problem with dropping fruit. There is no detail about the planting beds but they should avoid any leaves, flowers or fruits that could cause allergic reactions if touched or eaten. Thorns should also be avoided near gates or the front of the beds.

Southern play area: Small play area with three pieces of equipment with an age range of toddler to teenager, although the toddler provision is the seesaw bounce which is for a number of children and has little support for a small toddler. As above there are two unspecified play surfaces and a lot of paving. The grass mound within the play-space may be subject to a lot of wear especially as the tree matures and shades the area – it may be more sustainable to surface the mound with wet-pour surfacing. The gates lead immediately onto a roadway so there is a potential risk from children running out into the road – although the road only serves the immediate properties so vehicle movements should be minimal. The southern gate is set into a hedge so visibility may be limited. Gates should be self-closing. Comments about planting are the same as above.

Planning Officer: The applicant has submitted amended drawings in relation to the play areas as detailed in paragraph 6.19 of the main papers to address the type of bench and landscaping.  Whilst details of the bench are now acceptable, inadequate details of the soft and hard landscaping, as well as planting scheme for the two play areas has been provided at this stage.  However full details of the landscaping scheme for the two play areas can be controlled by condition.  Details of the access gate will also be incorporated into this details condition.  Finally the lack of provision of a litter bin is not a material planning consideration, however, an informative will be added suggesting the applicant incorporates litter bins within the scheme. 

Amend recommendation

Amend Condition 3 to involve the amended drawings:

3)      The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved plans: 21156B-001A, 21156B-002B, 21156B-003L,  21156B-004J, 21156B-005A, 21156B-006B, 21156B-007B, 21156B-008A, 21156B-009A, 21156B-010, 21156B-018C, 21156B-019C, 21156B-020E, 21156B-021E, 21156B-022D, 21156B-023D, 21156B-024B, 21156B-025B, 21156B-026D, 21156B-027D, 21156B-028D, 21156B-029B, 21156B-030B, 21156B-031B, 21156B-032B, 21156B-033D, 21156B-034D, 21156B-035D, 21156B-036D, 21156B-037D, 21156B-038D, 21156B-040E, 21156B-041G, 21156B-042D, 21156B-043F, 21156B-044C, 21156B-045G, 21156B-046E, 21156B-047E, 21156B-048D, 21156B-050C, 21156B-051C, 21156B-052C, 21156B-060, 21146B-061, 2156B-062, 21156B-063, 21156B-064, MHS142.15-G01 Rev E, 4858-LLB-XX-XX-DRL-0001-S4-P02, 4858-LLB-XX-XX-DRL-0002-S4-P02, J40.76/04 1 of 2, J40.76/04 2 of 2, 12971-H-01, 12971-T-01 and 12971-T-02. 


Reason: To clarify which plans have been approved.

4)      The development hereby approved shall not commence above slab level until a detailed hard and soft landscape scheme and details of the access gates for the two play areas has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority.  The scheme shall include a planting specification, a programme of implementation and a five year management plan. 

Reason: In the interests of landscape, visual impact and amenity of the area and to ensure a satisfactory appearance to the development.




1)      The applicant is advised consider the provision of litter bins within both play areas.