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Rochester Bridge Trust


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Rochester Bridge Trust

Councillor(s) represented on the Outside Body/External Board

Derek Butler (former Councillor)

Report Author

Derek Butler

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Purpose of the External Board/Outside Body:

The purpose of the Trust is to maintain the Bridges crossing the Medway at Rochester and if necessary rebuild the Bridges.




The Trust continues to flourish and there has been a meeting since the end of the Municipal Year. This meeting was held on Tuesday 21st August 2018. The annual report and accounts have now been published. There are over 115 Million of assets made up of land and property investments and financial investments. There is extensive work to be undertaken during the next 18 months to 2 years to keep the Bridges up to date and in some way restoring some more original features and character of the old Bridge whilst increasing the flow on the new Bridge from 2 lanes to three. Historically the Trust has helped in financing bridges in Maidstone and also financing schools such as Rochester Girls Grammar School and Maidstone Grammar School for Girls. It continues to sponsor pupils entering Universities for degrees in Engineering and has just commenced a programme of sponsorship for pupils entering University for degrees in Agriculture. There are other grants available both for educational means and projects on the River Medway. Full details can be obtained from the Rochester Bridge Trust website.