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Appendix A

Corporate Planning Timetable




12 June 2018

All Member Workshop on the Strategic Plan


22 June 2018

Leaders’ Forum to look at results of the workshop and consider the themes for the follow up member workshops


W/c 25 June 2018

Summary of workshop outcomes issued to all Members.


W/c 6 August

Workshops held on themes involving Councillors, Officers, External Support as appropriate


June – September

Data Collection to inform the Strategic Plan including key stakeholder priorities, resident survey data and performance information. This will be  reported to Committee with Strategic Plan themes


13 September

Leaders’ Forum to consider the themes, actions, analysis and stakeholder engagement


19 September

Draft Vision, Objectives and Outcomes agreed by Policy and Resources Committee for wider consideration and consultation.

September – October

Resident and Stakeholder Consultation to inform the Strategic Plan and Medium Term Financial Strategy. Where the engagement is primarily carried out digitally, provision will be made for including those who cannot access consultation in this way. We will involve the Communications Member Sounding Board.


Service Planning – Heads of Service and Unit Managers

October 2018

Draft Strategic Plan Themes to Service Committees


November 2018

Medium term Financial Strategy to Service Committees


28 November 2018

Strategic Plan to Policy and Resources Committee


12 December 2018

Medium Term Financial Strategy  and Strategic Plan to Council