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Sent: 10 August 2018 13:04
To: Lorraine Neale
Subject: Draft Gambling Act Policy.


Hi Lorraine,


This is a response to the recent Consultation email fro MBC.   I have not read the policy.


I just wanted to say that gambling is for many people an addiction that is harmful  to them and to others.   I have seen it destroy marriages, often with severe adverse effects on children, and lead people into crime and imprisonment.   


Since the 1950s we have moved on from gambling that for many was largely based on low stake football pools and ‘penny in the slot’ machines in amusement arcades.   Now we have lottery entries on sale in many newsagents and elsewhere, gambling machines that can milk hundreds in a short period of time, casinos and on line gambling that almost invariable leave people severely out of pocket, and ‘competitions’ on various TV shows and elsewhere that make large sums for their organisers (is that covered by gambling law? it definitely should be,)


I will not attempt to go into the psychology  of the gambler here.   I just wanted to say that anything that the Council can do to limit this terrible disease would be most welcome.


Thank you,