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Appendix 3 - Serious and Organised Crime Strategy Framework Definitions


Prosecuting and disrupting the criminal activity of OCGs. Locally this means establishing strong, effective and collaborative partnerships to gather and share intelligence on organised criminal groups that operating in local area and across county borders.


Deterring individuals from getting drawn into serious and organised crime and previous offenders returning to crime. Prevent involves a wide range of local approaches and interventions and can include developing new interventions, making use of existing services and raising local awareness of the reality and consequences of being involved with organised criminal groups to dispel associated myths of wealth and glamour.


Protecting individuals, families, businesses and communities against serious and organised crime. Protect involves ensuring the right controls and practices are in place to safeguard communities and ensure these groups have the information to help them to protect themselves.


Reducing the impact of serious and organised crime. Prepare means that major serious and organised crime incidents are brought to a rapid and effective resolution by ensuring that we have the necessary capabilities to respond to major serious and organised crime incidents. Prepare also means that we provide communities, victims and witnesses affected by serious and organised crime with effective criminal justice and other support as necessary.