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Appendix 5

PCC Safer Communities Grant 2019/20- Commissioned Projects

Organisation Funded:

Project Name:

Proposed Total Funding

Urban Blue Bus

Urban Blue Bus


Urban Blue provides both first aid and welfare services to those in the town centre, treating injuries and illnesses (including those caused by drink and/or drugs). As such, A & E departments are not filled not only with unnecessary patients but also their often unruly friends. A knock on effect is that there is cost reduction for reduced ambulance callouts.

The project is  able to offer a space and support to those suffering with mental health crises; advice has been received  from the police in how to preserve evidence  in cases of sexual assault etc. Two  volunteers have also received training from MIND for suicide prevention and awareness which will allow them to have a dedicated team to offer support to those considering ending their lives.

The weekly presence in  uniform offer a visual presence in the town centre,  support is offered to Kent police in different ways, from acting as a space to take statements “on the street” to being a safe place for those in distress or need. The project works with the police, venue door staff, street pastors, and cctv operators in keeping Maidstone’s night time economy as a safe and friendly place.  

In the year 2019/2020 the estimate is Urban Blue will offer in excess of 6500 volunteer hours in supporting the night time economy in Maidstone Town Centre; as well as offering community projects and charity events free first aid facilities in the borough of Maidstone.


Switch Youth Café

Crime Diversion Workshop


The project would be facilitated in 3 local schools (New Line Learning, Cornwallis and St Augustine’s with two 6-week programmes being delivered in each school between May - July and two more between October – December. With ten young people (13-18) in each group, this would result in twelve 12 hour workshops being delivered to 120 young people with 1,440 guided learning hours for those involved.

Switch is experienced with taking a collaborative approach to deliver its programmes, especially in relation to the SMP/PCC priorities within the local area. Currently Switch is the only non-statutory agency present at Maidstone Police’s Gangs and CSE meetings, working alongside Maidstone Police in delivering a number of seminars across the town to parents/carers and professionals on local knife crime and have worked with other youth agencies with a local outreach project.

Each programme is facilitated across 6 weeks for 2 hours each week (12 hours). It incorporates, exploring people’s attitudes and beliefs, sharing experiences, choices and consequences, victim empathy, the law, substance misuse, characteristics of unhealthy relationships and contributing factors that influence negative lifestyle choices. This project strengthens the relationships between each other and leads to them making informed choices, reducing the risk of them becoming either perpetrators or victims.

Reform Restore Respect

I Didn't Know That!


Reform Restore Respect [RRR] will deliver anti crime, anti gang workshops in Kent primary schools to Year 6 as part of their transition preparations for secondary schools and all year groups in secondary schools to dissuade and deter young people from engaging in gangs, drugs, knife-carrying, anti social behaviour, etc, any of which can bring them to the attention of the police, the courts and, in some cases, prison.  We outline the devastating impact and the resulting consequences, often reaching far into adult life, of obtaining a criminal record and a prison term, eg barriers to education, employment, training, credit, car and home insurance, overseas travel, accommodation, etc.

Maidstone Mediation Scheme

Behavioural Change Programme


As a Charity Maidstone Mediation have been offering Mediation and Anger Managements courses for over 29years, free of charge to the residents that most need it. These services are the core business; Mediation and the Anger management course both enable the clients to recognise the impact of their behaviour on their families, neighbours and the wider community. Whilst working through either of the interventions the clients can realise and understand that there is a greater cost and that it is them. Other statutory agencies can become involved, Police, Social Services, Housing providers. There may be a threat of homelessness, exclusion from school, loss of a job, a criminal record. Negative behaviours are challenged and addressed, the behaviour can cease, families and communities can live side by side and in peace.

Clients can be working with a volunteer for over 12 sessions if they are accessing both Mediation and Anger management.  It is time consuming for the volunteers and staff but effective and proven to be worthwhile. Maidstone Mediation give our clients a holistic approach addressing the causes, effect and the solutions.   



Safety In Action


Safety in Action’ is an interactive multi agency event that invites Year 6 children to learn about some of the dangers they may face as they become more independent and prepare for transition to secondary school. The event is designed to develop citizenship and safety skills and to increase awareness of dangers.

This grant will be used to support the staging of a 2 week event for up to 1500 year 6 pupils from schools in the Maidstone area.
All the primary schools in the Maidstone district are invited to take part.

A range of scenarios are developed and provided by the supporting organisations, designed to simulate and provide information about a variety of topics. These scenarios include fire safety, road safety, water safety, drugs and alcohol, personal, online and electrical safety, gangs and exploitation.
The aim is to support these pupils to build essential social skills to enhance their physical and mental health and to be responsible young adults free from peer pressure capable of making the right decisions to keep themselves, family and friends safe.