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Item 13 - Stilebridge Kennels, White House Farm, Stilebridge Lane, Linton, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4DE




Matter 1


Queries have been raised regarding, the occupants of structures on the application site and the need for extending the temporary permission.


The mobile home itself is occupied by Mr and Mrs Fiddes and their dependents, with Mrs Fiddes parents Peter and Susan Freeman residing in the dwelling on site.


In terms of the need for extending the permission, the Council fully supports businesses in the rural area. There is still one year and three months remaining on the original temporary permission. Whilst it is accepted that continually granting extensions to temporary permissions would not be acceptable, in this instance it is considered that granting an extension to the temporary permission will allow the business to continue to run at maximum capacity with the applicant able to reside at the business. Ultimately this would allow the applicant and her dependents to be in the best position to either submit an application for a permanent dwelling in this location or to find accommodation in a suitable location elsewhere in the borough.


Recommendation remains unchanged.