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Appendix A



Proposed orders receiving objection to The Kent County Council (Various Roads, Borough of Maidstone) (Waiting restrictions and Street Parking Places) (Variation No 30) Order 2020


Roads in Maidstone in the Borough of Maidstone; NORTHDOWN CLOSE;


Parking Services received a survey from the residents of Northdown Close requesting a parking restriction from Monday Friday 1.00 -1.30pm to prevent all day parking to improve levels of parking availability and manage parking demands.


A proposal was advertised and during the formal consultation period 7 objections were received on the grounds that the restriction times would have an impact on residents and their visitors and would inconvenience people and dispersion of vehicles into other surrounding streets would also have a detrimental effect on the mainly residential streets.


We also received 14 representations in support.


All properties have driveways and a proportion of vehicles parking in the location are non-residents. The proposed restrictions are as minimal as feasible to cause as little disruption as possible to the residents, any vehicle dispersion will be monitored and if identified surveyed and considered for further restrictions.


Recommendation: To consider the views of the Joint Transportation Board in that the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee, be recommended to proceed with the proposal to make the order.