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47178 Letter

Dear Householder




We are writing to you to inform you of some changes to your garden waste collection which will be implemented from 21 September 2020.

As you may be aware, your council led garden waste collection service is proving to be very popular and we thank you for taking the initiative to be part of it. However, as so many residents have also joined the scheme the increase in numbers has recently caused some issues with collections.

To improve this, we are introducing a more efficient rerouting system which will reduce the environmental impact by cutting down on miles and fuel used by our waste vehicles.

The new system will mean a change of collection day for some and your property is one of those affected.

The current schedule will operate until Friday 18 September your new schedule will commence from Monday 21 September and the enclosed leaflet confirms the new collection day/date.

We apologise that during the change-over period you may find that you have to wait longer for a collection for example, if you change from a Monday one week to a Thursday the fortnight after. However, this will only happen on the initial occasion and then you will be returned to fortnightly collections. To help with any additional garden waste generated we will be providing some extra services during this change over period.


What do you need to do?

1.  Continue, as usual until Friday 18 September

2.  Check the enclosed leaflet to see your new collection day and follow those days/dates from Monday 21 September

If the change to your collection day means that there are more than 14 days between your collections, then we will provide an interim collection. If you are one of those affected the additional collection date is confirmed on the attached leaflet.


What are the arrangements for garden waste collections?

Once the day change has been completed the collection of your garden waste will continue as normal every two weeks. Place your bin out by 6am on the collection day and please do not overfill it. If you need an additional bin, please contact your council to arrange this (charges apply).


How can I get more help and information?

For more information regarding the service changes or if you want to know more about what happens to your waste and recycling please visit your local council website.

Thank you for your co-operation through this process and your continued support in helping to recycle more.


Take care and stay safe.

Biffa Waste Management Team