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From:    David Naghi (Cllr)

Sent:     20 August 2021 16:22

To:          JOHN IANDOLO; Val Springett (Cllr); Sharon Bamborough

Subject:               Re: Restricted 12-month Licence proposal


Hi John,

Thanks for your email.

I have cc in the Chairman of Licening Councilor Springgett and Sharon Bamborough in to this

email for their informatiom.

I will ask officers to look at your proposals to see if anything can be done to help.  Hopefully a

report can be given to the next full Licensing Committee meeting on the 16th September and the

committee can descuss it. Thanks.

Regards Dave.



Sent: Friday, August 20, 2021 2:45:49 PM

To: Davidnaghi

Subject: Restricted 12 month Licence proposal


Dear Councillor, Naghi,

 Following our telephone conversation last week regarding the failures of Maidstone Borough

Council Licensing to implement its knowledge test correctly which has caused a shortfall in

driver numbers we propose a 12-month training badge.


In the light of our findings from MBC we also feel a need to have the test examined by the trade

to give a realistic overview of what is required to be a good Private hire/ Hackney driver.

We have also consulted other MBC operators who stand alongside us in this proposal.

12-month training badge.

The driver would still be required to have had a


Enhanced CRB check

Driving test.

DVLA Check

Once they have completed these sections, they would be able to be licenced with a temporary

badge to allow them to earn whilst they learn. In this 12-month period they would need to pass

the Maidstone test & EQUO test. If applicant does not pass within this period, they would not be

able to obtain a full licence until they have passed.


Applicant would be mentored by an operator & could not swap operators unless authorised by

MBC. This would mean each driver & operator has a fair opportunity.


We believe this would solve all operators’ issues with needing drivers, along with the public

once again being able to have a reasonable chance of getting a taxi when they require Operators

would be expected to arrange weekly training to obtain the pass marks for both tests along with

customer service, assisting with English (if not applicants first language) and driving



With the need for drivers greater than ever we believe this would help solve the issue across all

fleets in Maidstone. We are also proposing this to other local boroughs.


We would like this proposal implemented ASAP as we may have lost many drivers from the

trade because of false pass/ failure marks.


Express has had a consolation with the following operators who also back this proposal

Mr Giovanni Iandolo – Express Cabs & Couriers Ltd

Mr Benjamin Acres - Streamline (Kent) LTDs

Mr Mark Jones - Sapphire Cars

Mr Robert Veitch – Apollo Taxis

Mr Robert Dyer - Cavalier Taxis 


Kind Regards

John Iandolo

Jason Brown

Operations Manager

Express Cabs & Couriers Ltd