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From: Neil Cox

Sent: 12 March 2022 15:19
To: Licensing (MBC) <>
Subject: Hackney Carriage Fare Increase


Good afternoon Licensing.


You may be aware that the last time there was a Hackney Carriage Fare Increase was in July 2020. It will not come as surprise to you I’m sure that we are now asking for an increase in fares in large part due to the recent spike in both the cost of unleaded and diesel to say nothing of the impending increase of 54% in the cost of energy in the home including electricity which we use to charge our electric and hybrid vehicles.

Looking through my accounts I see that both unleaded and diesel have increased by no less than 44% since July 2020 at the time of the last increase. From 111.9p/l for unleaded to £159.9p/l and £112.9p/l to 169.9p/l for diesel.

Clearly the trade are quite concerned about this state of affairs. We are also led to believe that the cost of fuel may hit £2 per litre due to the ongoing ‘Special Military Operation’ going on in the Ukraine.

Fuel has historically cost us approximately 12% of revenue but is now nearer 17 to !8%. Consumer Price Inflation  has been approximately 6% in that time.

In the light of this we are asking for an increase in Tariff 1 and the minimum charge from £3 to £3.20 for the first 550 metres.

Then for each additional 115 metres an extra 20p.

Waiting time to go from 20p per 30 seconds 20p per 28 seconds. 7.1% increase Tariff 2 at 1.5 times Tariff 1 and Tariff 3 to be twice tariff 1.

All fares up to 550 metres would increase by 6.6% Fares at 1 mile (1609 metres) increase from £5 to £5.20 an increase of 4% Fares at 1.5 miles (2414 metres) increase from £6.20 to £6.60 an increase of 6.4% Fares at 2 miles (3218 metres) increase from £7.60 to £8 an increase of 5.2% Fares at 2.5 miles (4023 metres) increase from £9 to £9.40 an increase of 4.4 % Fares at 3 miles (4828 metres) increase from £10.20 to £10.80 an increase of 5.8%.

I realize we are probably too late for this weeks licensing meeting but nevertheless would like to submit this application anyway.


Kind Regards


Neil Cox


Maidstone Taxi Association