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Workshop Event Summary


·         One Maidstone

·         NHS

·         Mid Kent College

·         Golding Homes

·         KCC

·         Police

·         Faith leader

·         MBC reps – Housing, Community Safety, Climate Change, Parks, Health Economic Development, Financial Inclusion, Town Centre Strategy


Summary of Identified Challenges and Opportunities

·         Its about the tone of the high street

·         Footfall and dwell time.

·         Decline in satisfaction in place

·         Growth in poor mental health and its impacts e.g. employability

·         Working poor – struggling and at risk

·         Out of area placements

·         Pollution and flooding long term climate impact

·         Importance of green spaces for aesthetics and health.


Identified Outcomes



Potential Interventions – ideas longlist by category

Local Business

•	Arts hub located in the Town Centre using existing vacant building
•	Regular festival or event organised by the Council. Council to provide seed funding which would decrease as event generates additional income in future years. Consideration of an arts sculpture trail
•	Promotion of the Town Centre as a destination, a place to have pride in
•	Boost to night time economy in partnership with local faith organisations




People and Skills

•	Green skills training, linked to potential development of green space, working with  Medway Valley Countryside Partnership.
•	Arts Hub in Town Centre 



•	New green space located on the top of the Town Centre car park
•	Uplifting current green spaces throughout the Town and Town Centre to make Maidstone more attractive to residents and visitors, including outdoor gym equipment along the river
•	Activate and animate – well being project using Brenchley Gardens
•	Focused financial inclusion collaboration to help vulnerable people in the town centre, sharing data to identify and target support.
•	Health hub in Town Centre – integrated care provided by multidisciplinary teams as a walk in facility
Communities and Place







Potential Interventions – priority listing


•	New green space on the roof of the existing car park in the Town Centre. Use of the space could incorporate community activities, commercial activities and green initiatives. 
•	Green skills training – linked to the above (and potentially making use of the physical space) investing in green skills training for Maidstone. 
•	Uplift of existing parks green space throughout the town centre to make the area more appealing to residents and visitors. Research shows close links between green space and improved health and wellbeing outcomes.  
•	New annual event (or events) programme aimed at drawing more visitors to Maidstone.  This could include a sculpture trail of iguanodons linked to parks. Whilst a highly popular idea this will require significant logistical support from the Council and is likely to cost more than just the UKSPF allocation. 
High Priority and Strong Strategic Fit








•	 Improved night-time economy through partnership with local faith groups to align to existing priorities.
•	 Improved community outreach and information sharing with target groups
•	 Arts hub located in Town Centre, making use of existing venues
•	 ‘Go Green’ information centre, with businesses demonstrating green ideas and technology to residents. 
Medium Priority





•	Integrated Health & Wellbeing drop in centre located in the Town Centre or using the Trinity buildingLow Priority, too expensive or poor strategic fit