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3 AUGUST 2022






At the meeting of the Borough Council held on 13 April 2022, the following motion was moved by Councillor Harper, seconded by Councillor M Rose:


Tonbridge Road is not an easy road to cross except at zebra and traffic light-controlled crossings.  There is a request by residents for a new zebra crossing by the junction of Beverley Road and Tonbridge Road.


Their request is due to there being bus stops on either side of the road and also it is a place to cross the road to access the Beverley Road shops and Barming Primary School.  The current situation is not satisfactory; the Fountain/Hermitage Lane junction does not have a pedestrian phase long enough for old and disabled people and also parents with small children to cross safely.  In the opposite direction the next crossing point is at North Street, Barming.


Residents believe that the solution is to create an additional zebra crossing with a pedestrian refuge on Tonbridge Road, close to where Beverley Road comes out, as a low-cost solution to the issue.


A petition has been signed by a significant number of residents in the local neighbourhood.


This Council therefore resolves to support the residents’ backed proposal for a zebra crossing with a central pedestrian refuge to be provided on Tonbridge Road, Maidstone close to the junction with Beverley Road.


An amendment was moved by Councillor Holmes, seconded by Councillor Kimmance, that the final paragraph of the motion be deleted and the following inserted:


Maidstone Borough Council requests a full review by Kent County Council of additional crossing options on the A26 Tonbridge Road with the overall benefit for school access to Barming Primary School at peak times and that the crossing is encompassed within the Tonbridge Road and Fountain Lane junction upgrade works.


Councillor Harper, the mover of the original motion, said that he and his seconder were willing to accept the amendment to the motion.


In accordance with the Council’s Procedure Rules, the motion, as amended, was referred to the Maidstone Joint Transportation Board.


A copy of the briefing note which was prepared to assist Members in their consideration of the original motion is attached as Appendix A.


RECOMMENDED:  That the Maidstone Joint Transportation Board consider the motion, as amended, relating to additional crossing options on the A26 Tonbridge Road, Maidstone.