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Proposed Topic


Waste Review


Description and Reason for Review




Review into the service to inform the new Waste Strategy priorities and areas of action.


Reason for Review


The scope focused on the Waste Strategy (2018-2023) identifying that whilst the Council is exceeding its recycling target and is currently the second highest performer in Kent, similar services provided elsewhere have delivered higher performance.


As the strategy will need refreshing in the near future, any resulting actions from a review would have the potential to be implemented within the new strategy


At the previous Committee Meeting, the Leader of the Council answered questions on the related Waste Services contract procurement, tender process and timeline for decision. It was felt beneficial to conduct a review into the topic due to the importance of the service to local residents.

Link to Priorities


Strategic Plan Priority:

Safe, Clean and Green.


Other: To support the Council in its partnership with Ashford and Swale Borough Councils, and with Kent County Council as the Waste Authority.


Executive Priorities: The Commitment to tackling climate change in everything the Council does


Other: Support from the relevant Lead Member on the Executive for Environmental Services.†††

Spotlight Review (in-depth day/two-day review)


1.   †lines of enquiry:


         Explore options for increasing recycling rates through assessing the best practice of other Local Authorities with similar waste collection services


         Assess customer satisfaction with the service, including interaction with customer services, to identify improvements.


         To review the impact of shared waste collection facilities within/from new Housing Developments on the achievement of Waste Strategy targets.


         To identify which actions within the Waste Strategy correspond with actions within the Biodiversity and Climate Change Strategy, and make recommendations to improve their shared achievement.


2.   Agree stakeholders to be consulted/interviewed


Director of Regeneration and Place

Head of Environment & Public Realm

Waste Manager

Communications Manager

Customer Services Manager

Information Governance Manager

Engagement Officer

Planning Dept. Major Projects Team Leader


Leader of the Council

Lead Members for Communication and Engagement and Environmental Services.


External Stakeholders:

Golding Homes

Hyde Housing

KCC/Kent Resource Partnership

KP Waste Crime Unit


3.   Possible timescales


Spotlight review to be completed in 2 days in November, report to Committee and recommendation in December


4.   Produce Evidence Pack to support review


(Put together ahead of Spotlight Review)


Could include: †


Waste and Recycling Strategy 2018-2023

Information from APSE and the LGA

Data from other authorities; Kent, CIPFA nearest neighbours

Data on Stage 1 and 2 complaints relating to the service

Data from Biffa, e.g. route failures

Previous consultation data from residentsí surveys


5.   Produce questions to be put to consultees


Formulated via informal consultation with the Committee, based on lines of enquiry and the evidence pack.