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Proposed Topic


Safety and Enforcement.


Safety aspect to be looked at first, followed by enforcement (two separate but related reviews) and take place at formal Committee Meetings.


Description and Reason for Review




Review into safety and Council’s provision of enforcement services, to identify actions and/or policies for implementation to improve these services.


Reason for Review


At its previous meeting the committee agreed to conduct a review into the topics, with the aspects of safety relating to the town centre and the night-time economy.


A suggestion to review enforcement was also put forward by the Executive, with the Lead Member for Environmental Services in attendance indicating Committee input into the resourcing of enforcement would be welcomed.


Link to Priorities


Strategic Priorities:

Safe Clean and Green

A Thriving Place


Executive Priorities:

Maintaining a tough stance on crime and anti-social behaviour, working closely with the Police and utilising the Council’s own powers and resources.


Other: Aligns with Executive proposal to review enforcement alongside support expressed at the meeting by the Lead Member for Environmental Services.


Safety Review (Primary Review)


Review to be carried out at Committee.


To include safety in the town centre and the night-time economy; review of existing measure to identify any required changes (lines of enquiry).




1.   Overview and Scrutiny Member Briefing – 6 October 2022 (briefing note to be provided)


2.   Evidence Collection: Town Centre Safety


      18 October 2022 meeting – External Stakeholder Evidence Collection


·         Mid-Kent College

·         The Mall

·         Housing Providers

·         Youth Forum


22 November 2022 meeting – Internal Stakeholders


·         Communications Team

·         Economic Development Team

·         Chairman of the CHE PAC

·         Lead Member for Communities and Engagement

·         Evidence from previous resident surveys.


From December 2022: Night-time Economy


Evidence Collection


(as above)


·         Kent Police, including Licensing Officer

·         Community and Strategic Partnerships Manager

·         Licensing Officers (MBC)

·         Chairman and Vice-Chair of Licensing Committee

·         Other groups associated with night-time economy

·         Consider results from previous resident surveys

·         Night-Time economy forum (One Maidstone)

·         Street pastors & Urban Blue


Virtual attendance provided to consultees. 


NOTE: The proposed timescales and stakeholders to be consulted may be subject to change as the review progresses. This may be due to overlap between safety and the night-time economy.