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The Rural Fund Application Form

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Role in organisation


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Please select your type of organisation.

If successful we may ask you to provide evidence such as a governing document which must be valid at the time of application or constitution.

Registered charity


Parish Council


Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)


CIC limited by guarantee (and have charitable objectives)


Community benefit society (Bencom)


Constituted community group


Faith group, where the activity is not promoting religion


Small Group with no formal constitution. (Non constituted groups will be considered on a case by case basis.)





Please supply any relevant registration or reference numbers (if available)




Section 1: Eligibility

The fund is only eligible for organisations meeting certain criteria which are listed below. Please select all that apply and illustrate how you meet this in the box below

š       towns, villages and hamlets with populations below 10,000 and the wider countryside

š       market or ‘hub towns’ with populations of up to 30,000 that serve their surrounding rural areas as centres of employment and in providing services


Word count: 250 words






Section 2: Your Proposal

1. The funding is only for Capital spend what resources do you have in place to ensure the project is delivered

Word Count: 350 words





2. What is the objective of the project, select all that apply

š     Increase tourism                                  

š     Increase resilience in infrastructure

š     Pride in place                

š     Strengthen community ties

š     Protection of local biodiversity

š     Reduction in carbon                     

š     Reduction in energy

š     Protect businesses and community from natural hazards


3. Summarise your proposal – this should include what do you want to achieve, what do you aim to do and the estimated start/end dates.

Word Count: 500 words




4. Impact

4a. Please identify the estimated impact of your proposal by marking the appropriate section(s) below and provide supporting evidence in the text box.

š       Carbon reduction

š       Energy reduced

š       Visitor numbers increased

š       Local people supported

š       Jobs created

š       Number of users increased

š       Cost Savings

Word Count: 500 words


4b. Have you engaged, worked with, had input from residents, those who currently use the facilities or business in the creation and development of the proposal?


If yes please outline the process and outcomes below to help illustrate the need of the project





4c. Are you aware of similar projects, businesses or equipment already in the area? If yes please provide brief details below





4d. Once completed who will have use and access to it?





4e. How will you monitor and assess the impact of your proposal? Please include details of any performance targets and indicators and proposed methodologies.

Word Count: 250 words



5a. How much would you like to apply for? (Applicants can apply for up to  £20,000.)





5b. If this is funding will be in addition to existing funding, what funding is in place already





5c. Give a brief breakdown of how you will spend the funds, include what you have based this on (e.g quotes, research)






Further Information



6. Bank Details (non mandatory)


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*successful applicants will sign and accept a service level agreement

**(data protection statement to follow)



Applications will close on XXXXX 2023 and all applicants will be contacted.