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Maidstone Borough Council

Overview and Scrutiny Committee Work Programme 2022-23 Municipal Year

Review Title

Expected Start Date & Method

Relevant Officer/s


The Councilís Waste Strategy

Evidence Collection took place in November 2022.





Recommendations to be approved;

Report to relevant Decision Makers.


Jennifer Stevens,

Head of Environment and Public Realm

Review the Waste Strategy whilst considering best practice of other Local Authorities to identify innovative improvements

Safety & Enforcement (Review Ongoing)






September 2022 (safety element)

OSC acting as the C&D Committee Meetings

Alison Broom, Chief Executive


John Littlemore, Head of Housing and Regulatory Services


Martyn Jeynes, Community and Strategic Partnerships Manager


Review existing measures and ascertain any changes needed, in consultation with stakeholders. †

Water Management Cycle

(Review ongoing)

October 2022,

Working Group.



Mark Green, Director of Finance and Business Improvement


William Cornall, Director of Regeneration and Place


Philip Coyne, Interim Local Plan Review Director


Focus on:


      the supply and disposal of water; and

      disposal of sewage


to identify improvements.



Health Inequality

Early 2023

Alison Broom, Chief Executive,


John Littlemore, Head of Housing and Regulatory Services

Increased understanding of health inequalities across the borough and an overview of strategy and police across the relevant bodies.