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Subject: Highway Works Programme 2011/12

To:                              Maidstone Joint Transportation Board


By:                              KCC Highways and Transportation


Date:                           4th January 2023


Subject:                      Highways Forward Works Programme: 2022/23 and 2023/24


Classification:           Information Only



Summary: This report updates Members on the identified schemes approved for construction



1. Introduction


This report provides an update and summarises schemes that have been programmed for delivery in 2022/23 and 2023/24.


In summer 2021 Kent County Council published a Highways Asset Management Plan (HAMP), which included, as Appendix C, a five-year Forward Works Programme for the years 2021/22 to 2025/26. this reflected the need to move away from annual programmes and to consider asset management activity a multi-year one.


The first part of the programme concerned the two years 2021/22 - 2022/23. Around half of the schemes included in that programme have now been delivered, and as a result we have now produced a new programme covering the years 2022/23 - 2023/24. As before, most of the sites included in this programme have already been verified by our engineers.


The second part of our programme related to years three to five of our five-year programme (2023/24 - 2025/26). This too needs revision to cover the years 2024/25 – 2026/27, and the work required to do this is currently in progress. As before, our new years three to five programme will be based on data from our asset management systems, so may be subject to more changes as the schemes are verified.


This programme is subject to regular review and may change for a number of reasons including budget allocation, contract rate changes, inflationary pressures such as material price increases, conflicting works, and to reflect our changing priorities. The programme and extent of individual sites within the programme may also be revised following engineering assessment during the design phase, and additional sites may be added or others advanced if their condition deteriorates rapidly so that we need to react to keep the highway in a safe and serviceable condition.


Further information about how we manage our highway infrastructure, including our county-wide five-year forward works programme, may be found on our website:


In addition to planned maintenance of our highway assets, this report includes transportation and safety schemes, developer funded works, Combined Members Grant schemes, and planned maintenance of public rights of way.



Road, Footway & Cycleway Renewal and Preservation Schemes – see Appendix A


Drainage Repairs & Improvements – see Appendix B


Street Lighting – see Appendix C


Transportation and Safety Schemes see Appendix D

  • Casualty Reduction Measures
  • Externally Funded Schemes


Developer Funded Works – see Appendix E


Bridge Works see Appendix F


Traffic Systems – see Appendix G


Combined Members Grant – Member Highway Fund – see Appendix H


Parish Council Highway Improvement Plans Update – see Appendix I


Highway Improvement Plans Briefing Note – see Appendix J





1.    This report is for Members’ information.


Contact Officers:


The following contact officers can be contacted on 03000 418181


Richard Emmett                                Senior Highway Manager West Kent

Susan Laporte                                    Maidstone Highway Manager

Alan Casson                                        Strategic Asset Manager                   

Earl Bourner                                       Drainage Asset Manager

Helen Rowe                                        Structures Asset Manager

Sue Kinsella                                        Street Light Asset Manager

Toby Butler                                         Traffic Operations and Technology Manager

Jamie Hare                                         Development Agreements Manager

Nikola Floodgate                                 Road Safety and Active Travel Group Manager