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Proposer Name


Water Management Cycle Working Group


Proposed Topic (What?)


Water Management Cycle


Description and Reason for Review (Why?)


The Water Management Cycle Working Group conducted a review into the Water Management Cycle across October 2022 to March 2023.


The Working Group identified a list of outstanding matters that it wished to review as part of a second phase review in the 2023/24 Municipal Year.


Link to Priorities:


Strategic Priorities:

Safe Clean and Green

Cross-cutting objectives of Heritage and Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability is respected.

Biodiversity and Climate Change Objectives


National/Regional Priorities:

Medway Flood Partnership


Cabinet Priorities:

The Commitment to tackling climate change in everything the Council does.


Desired Outcome(s) (Outcome)


To review the remaining areas identified – see table on next page.  


Suggested Approach (How, When, Who?)


Working Group to be appointed, with Committee involvement (interviews)


Review Timescale (When)


July Start, across a three-four month timeline.


Link to CfPS effective scrutiny principles


The following CfPS effective scrutiny principles would be met through conducting the review:


·         Provides a constructive ‘critical friend’ challenge

·         Amplifies public voices and concerns

·         Is Independently led by Councillors 

·         Drives Improvement in Public Services



Working Group Meetings

To further consider farmland run-off and riparian rights, receipt of information from National Highways and to attempt re-contacting the Environment Agency for its input.

Request from Upper Medway Internal Drainage Board

To lobby central government for secondary and tertiary legislation required to allow IDBs to actively work within catchment areas and levy those within it to support the work’s completion.

Request from Southeast Rivers Trust

To fit passive collectors in the river to collect and dispose of plastic waste and prevent it impacting downstream and oceans

Increased funding and resource provision.

To lobby central government on the funding available to replace the funding previously provided by the European Union to support project delivery.

Following consultation with Kent County Council

To consider lobbying central government on applying the principle of nutrient neutrality across all water courses.

Following consultation with Southeast Water

To consider lobbying central government to provide legislative powers to Southeast Water and similar organisations, to enable them to take action against illegal water usage.

To explore greater avenues to allow water companies to be involved in the planning process, such as via a working group.

Following consultation with Southern Water

To explore greater avenues to allow water companies to be involved in the planning process, such as via a working group.