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Maidstone Borough Council - Overview & Scrutiny Proposal Form


Proposer Name



Proposed Topic




Description and Reason for Review



Provide a description of the topic, its background and the reasons why you are suggesting its review. 


Link to:


Council’s Strategic Plan


National/Regional priorities


Executive Priorities


Outline the link to the:


Strategic Plan and Corporate Priorities

National/Regional priorities

Executive Priorities 



Desired Outcome(s)



Include what you think the review should achieve.


(How, When and Who)

Such as:


Type of research

(desk based?)

Site Visits


Sources of Information Required

Previous Council Reports


Possible Participants

Evidence collection – written and/or verbal – and from which individuals/bodies

Council Teams i.e. officer interviews













Review Timescale


Such as:


Suggested timeline of the review, e.g. 2 or 3 months.


How the review should take place, e.g. at formal committee meetings or a working group.


Work Programme Impact: Heavy/Medium/Light





Link to CfPS effective scrutiny principles

Select which CfPS effective scrutiny principles would be met through conducting the review:


·         Provides a constructive ‘critical friend’ challenge

·         Amplifies public voices and concerns

·         Is Independently led by Councillors  

·         Drives Improvement in Public Services


Officer Support

To include:


DSO Officer

Policy Officer

Relevant HoS/Senior Officer