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Proposer Name


Overview and Scrutiny Committee


(original proposal submitted by Councillor English, and then reviewed during the OSC Member Workshop)


Proposed Topic (What?)


Environmental and Waste Crime Enforcement


Description and Reason for Review (Why?)


The Committee previously included a review of enforcement generally in its 2022/23 Work programme.


In reviewing the topic for inclusion within its 2023/24 work programme, the Committee (informally) expressed concern on some of the decisions being made in relation to Environmental and Waste Services and the impact. The relationship between Medway and Kent County Councils and the proposed closure of the Maidstone Recycling Centre in Tovil was also mentioned. 


Enforcement is one part of the wider Environmental and Waste Crime service areas, with significant Member interest in the topic.


Link to Priorities:


Strategic Priorities:

Safe Clean and Green

A Thriving Place


Desired Outcome(s) (Outcome)


Identification of required actions and/or policies to improve the Council’s Environmental and Waste Crime enforcement services.


Enforcement Review - Suggested Approach (How, When, Who?)


Prior to the first meeting, produce an evidence pack containing:


·         Available information, such as existing policies, statistics and reports relating to Environmental and Waste Crime Enforcement.  


·         Any other information specifically requested by the committee that can be readily provided.







Meetings One & Two (Evidence Collection) 


Evidence collection (written/verbal) from Council Officers and Members, such as:

·         Director of Regeneration and Place

·         Head of Environmental Services and Public Realm  

·         Waste Crime Manager

·         Mid Kent Environmental Health (Shared Service)

·         Community and Strategic Partnerships Manager


·         Cabinet for Environmental Services

·         Cabinet Member for Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development


Questions (written/verbal) could include:   


·         What aspects of environmental and waste crime enforcement are carried out well?

·         What are the main areas for improvement?

·         How could these be improved?

·         Is there an additional resource need or are there other changes that could be made to benefit the service’s efficiency?

·         What would be required to make this improvement and support it in the long-term?


Meeting Three/Four (Evidence Collection and Summary)


Evidence (written/verbal) collection to understand how enforcement works in other Local Authorities.


Committee to produce its recommendations. Report presented at next meeting.


Review Timescale (When)


Between five to six meetings (depending on method of review)


Work Programme Impact: Medium


Link to CfPS effective scrutiny principles


The following CfPS effective scrutiny principles would be met through conducting the review:


·         Provides a constructive ‘critical friend’ challenge

·         Amplifies public voices and concerns

·         Is Independently led by Councillors 

·         Drives Improvement in Public Services