Our performance reports

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports

Since 2023, our KPI reports are presented at the following Policy Advisory Committee meetings:

  • HHE: Housing, Health and Environment Policy Advisory Committee
  • PIED: Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Policy Advisory Committee
  • CLA: Communities, Leisure and Arts Policy Advisor Committee
  • Corporate Services Policy Advisory Committee (formally Policy and Resources Committee P&R)

Prior to this, our committees were grouped as:

  • CHE: Communities, Housing and Environment Policy Advisory Committee
  • SPI: Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee
  • ERL: Economic Regeneration and Leisure Advisory Committee
  • PR: Policy and Resources Committee

Annual outturn 2022 to 2023

Annual outturn 2021 to 2022

Operational Internal Indicators (LPI) reports

We present LPIs to our Senior Leadership team every quarter. Below are the annual reports for 2022/23.

Additional reports can be found on our current committees page.