Election Fraud

In any election, your vote belongs to you. Whether you vote at a polling station, by post, or via a proxy, it’s your decision. It’s illegal for anyone, even a partner, family member or friend, to influence you to vote against your will.

Other types of electoral fraud include:

  • Voting twice in the same election, even if the vote is cast in different areas of the country (unless you are entitled to be registered in more than one local authority area and are voting in a local election, or you are voting by proxy).
  • Tampering with ballot papers, or postal ballot packs, and removing or amending ballot papers.

Voting at a polling station

This video explains that your vote is your own and to not let anybody intimidate or enter the polling booth with you.

Voting by post

This video explains that you must protect your vote from somebody trying to be you, bribe or intimidate you.

If someone tries to take your vote, call Crimestoppers on: 0800 555111 or visit the Crimestoppers website.