What is the Electoral Register?

What is the Electoral Register?


There are two versions of the main register and they are published once a year:

  • The Full Register and;
  • The Edited (Open) Register

After being published, updates to both versions of the register are made on a rolling basis throughout the year. This is called the Rolling Register.

The Full Register

The Full Register lists everyone who is entitled to vote. Only certain people and organisations can have copies of the Full Register and they can only use it for specific purposes. For example elections, law enforcement and credit referencing.

The Edited (Open) Register

The Edited Register leaves out the names and address of people who have asked to opt out. Opting out will mean details won’t be passed on to third parties and may prevent junk mail.

You can opt out of the open register on our online form.

Opt out of the Edited Register

The Rolling Register

This Rolling Registers are updated monthly throughout the year.

How to view the electoral register

If you would like to view the electoral register please email: electoralservices@maidstone.gov.uk