Empty Homes

Empty homes and properties

A long-term empty home is any privately owned home which has been empty for six months or more.

What is the cost to owners?

An empty home can cost its owner thousands of pounds per year, through:

  • Council Tax
  • Insurance
  • Security (for example boarding up windows)
  • Maintenance

Bringing an empty property back into use not only saves the owner these costs, but it can provide thousands of pounds a year in rental income, or a significant lump sum through sale to a new owner.

Report it

You can report an empty property using our online form.

Report an empty property

How we can help

It is an owner's responsibility to look after their property. However, if a home is empty we can play a role in helping to fix the problem.

We work with owners and other council departments to find the best ways to bring empty properties back into use.

Many properties are empty for legitimate reasons, and we appreciate that renovations and sales take time. We will rarely need to get involved in these circumstances.

Our focus is on providing advice for owners who want to do something with their empty property, guiding them through the range of options and support available so they can select the solution that is right for them. We also look at what can be done about problematic properties, and cases where the owner has no intention of returning a property to use.

If necessary, we can take enforcement action where owners persist in leaving a property empty, an empty home is an eyesore and can be a danger to public safety.


If you own an empty home, there are a variety of different ways you can bring your property back into use through letting it out, living in it yourself or selling it.

For more information about what you could do with your empty property and any help available email us. Owners can also apply for a loan to help bring the property back into use. For more information visit the No Use Empty website.