The housing register

Subsidised or social housing within Maidstone is provided by housing associations. There's a limited supply of this type of housing within the borough. Private rented properties will often provide more choice and tend to be available on a more frequent basis.

Find an Affordable Home

If you're interested in subsidised housing, you'll need to apply to be on the housing register.

The housing register is for anyone over 18 whose eligible and meets the qualifying criteria. You'll need to have a housing need, have a local connection to Maidstone and your current financial circumstances will also be considered.

Housing need

You'll have to fulfil at least one of the following criteria.


You must be able to prove your current accommodation is unsuitable for your household's needs due to a medical condition.


Covering a wide range of circumstances including:

  • Someone moving on from care or who provides or receives care or support
  • Someone who wants to live independently but requires additional support
  • Someone moving on from a drug or alcohol recovery programme

Unsatisfactory housing

Your current housing has been assessed and a significant hazard has been identified.


Your current housing is lacking one or more bedrooms and is not considered suitable for your needs.

Under occupancy

Your current housing has one or more bedrooms than is required for your household.


If you need to move to prevent or alleviate hardship you may have a housing need. This includes:

  • If you're experiencing financial hardship
  • If you need to move to take up employment, training or education opportunity

Local connection

You'll need to fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • Lived in Maidstone for the last two years
  • Have an immediate family member that has lived in Maidstone for the last five years
  • Work in Maidstone for a minimum of 16 hours a week
  • Lived in Maidstone for a continuous period of two of the last five years but are not currently living in Maidstone

For more information on the criteria for joining the housing register read our allocation scheme.

Apply to join the register

To apply to join the housing register you'll need to provide information to support your application.

Apply Online

Once you have completed your application, you can provide the supporting evidence on the Kent Homechoice website.

Provide evidence

When we've assessed your application and confirmed your eligibility, we'll send you a letter with your bidding number and tell you which band you have been placed in.

The bands

Band C – Community contribution and homelessness prevention

This is for those people who provide a service to the community. This includes through employment, volunteering, fostering, carers and members of the armed forces. It also includes applicants who have a Homelessness Prevention Duty accepted.

Band H – Homeless

This is for those who are defined as homeless under the 1996 Housing Act (this includes rough sleepers) or who have a Homelessness Relief or Main Duty accepted.

Band M – Medical and health assistance

This is for people that have a housing need due to a significant medical condition or where another housing need exists and the household requires an adapted property.

Band R – Reasonable preference (unsuitable housing)

This is for households who are eligible for the housing register but don't meet the qualifying requirements of the other bands.

For more information about the bands read our Allocation Scheme.

Bidding for a property

Once you've been placed in a band and given your account number you can start bidding for properties on the Kent Homechoice website.

Available properties are advertised by our housing association partners and you can bid on a property at any time before the bidding closing date.

Change of circumstances

You'll need to tell us of any changes in your circumstances. You can do this by visiting the Kent Homechoice website.