Managers induction

Your first few months

When your role at Maidstone Borough Council has management responsibility the induction programme will provide you with vital skills, information and training and development opportunities to enable you to carry out your new role as a Maidstone Manager.

Within your first month you will be provided with key information.

  • Corporate and Service Planning
  • Performance Management and Data Quality Responsibilities
  • Agresso
  • The Councils Committee Processes
  • Management Team arrangements and reporting cycle
  • Risk Management procedures and policies
  • Business Continuity planning, procedures and policies
  • Project Management Tool Kit
  • Internal Audit
  • Freedom of Information
  • The role of procurement within the purchasing process

Your HR Advisor will provide an overview of:

  • Key contacts in the HR Team
  • HR Intranet Page
  • iTrent People Manager
  • Leave policies
  • Absence reporting
  • Recruitment
  • Support for staff
  • Check-in. Our approach to performance management including Clear Review.

You'll also discuss Health & Safety roles and responsibilities with the Health & Safety officer.

Some of these policies may only be available on your first day.

Training and Development

The councils Management Development Framework is designed to give you guidance about the training and development you should undertake as a manager within the council and the additional support available to you.

Your manager will complete a Training Needs Analysis with you to plan your training.

In addition to the standard ELMS course you are also required to complete:

  • Safer Recruitment
  • Managing Health and Safety

All ELMS training should be completed within the first six months.