Street naming and numbering

Street naming and numbering is a statutory service we undertake to issue and officially register postal addresses in the borough. We have adopted the provisions of Sections 17 and 18 of the Public Health Act 1925 which relates to the issue of street naming and alteration of street names and the County of Kent Act 1981 which relates to the numbering of properties to fulfil this service.

Street name plates

Developers are responsible for street name plates on any new development. The council is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of any street name plates on adopted roads. To apply for our specification of street names plates or to report missing or damaged road signs please call 01622 602750.

You can find out more about street naming and numbering by taking a look at the following documents:



What can I apply for?

You can use the street naming and numbering application form to register the following:

  • property name change
  • addition of a property name
  • amendment to postal address
  • official registration of an existing unregistered property
  • official registration of an individual new build
  • official registration of a new development of two or more units
  • conversion of property into flats

We are only able to accept applications from the legal owner. If you are a tenant please ask the owner to complete the form. If you are in the process of purchasing a property please wait until completion of the sale before applying to change a property name.

Application process

To apply by post, please download the street naming and numbering application form and send the completed application form to:

Street Naming and Numbering Officer
Maidstone Borough Council
Maidstone House
King Street
ME15 6JQ



Property name change


Addition of property name


Amendment to postal address


Official registration of an existing unregistered property. The building must have existed for five years or longer


New build one individual property or the registration of a new postal address


New development of two or more units fee per unit/flat/house


Creation of new street, fee per street


Conversion of property into flats, fee per flat


Renumbering of a development or block of flats, fee per unit/flat


Make a payment


Please use one of the following payment methods:

  • cheques should be made payable to ‘Maidstone Borough Council'
  • card payments can be made on the payments line by calling 01622 602888. Before ringing you should contact the Street Naming and Numbering Officer on 01622 602518 to check the correct fee and get a unique application reference number to quote when making payment.

We do not except BACS/transfer payments direct to the council.



All applications must include a location plan which must be submitted online in the format of a TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG or PDF file. If you are unable to submit a location plan online please complete a paper copy of the application form.

All location plans must be of a scale no smaller than 1:1250 and no larger than a sheet of A3 paper with the boundary of the application site outlined. For developments and conversions a layout plan and floor plans are also required.